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Ep. 60: How to Succeed & Prosper in Dentistry CFO

Dr. Kianor Shah is a practicing Dentist and an Entrepreneur from Palm Desert, California. As a traveling healthcare provider, Dr. Shah has practiced in more than 300 offices. As a businessman, Dr. Shah has built numerous co-brand, private label, and Peer-to-Peer partnerships in the Healthcare Industry. 

Dr. Kianor Shah

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Why Did I Start This Podcast?

I really want to help YOU succeed

Some of you make expensive mistakes you shouldn’t be making, some of you bob and weave in ways you could avoid on your path to success. Some of you are giving up, and others are soaring to the sky.  


Wherever you are, I want to help you get to where you want to be. Hang on, sit tight, and let's get going!

Are You Ready to Take Your Dental Practice and Life to the Next Level?

Are you already a confident and motivated person, but would benefit in help putting it altogether to create a life and practice of your dreams?   A life you can be proud of?  


Look no further, we are here to help!  We want to help eliminate your stress, provide you with motivation, education and inspiration, as well as concrete steps on what to do.

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like this, you are in the right place:

  1. I know I’m smart and capable, how do I get it all together and really become successful?

  2. How can I keep my motivation daily?  Employees, insurances, regulations all weight me down!

  3. I have way too much debt, what should I do and what is the best plan?

  4. Do I have to compromise my dentistry to  just to pay my bills?  I don’t know another way!

  5. I know I’m a great dentist, how can I practice in a way I’m proud of?  In fact, how can I have a life I feel proud of?