Dentistry Rising

with Bette Robin DDS, JD, by Law DDS Inc., a California Law Corporation

What is this podcast and website about and why am I doing it?

I really want to help you succeed in your dental practice and your life, particularly with your money - because without getting your finances under control, you can never be truly successful and sleep well at night. 

I’ve been a dental attorney and dental practice sale broker in Southern California for over 20 years, and before that I owned three dental practices as a dentist.  I see many of the same financial problems and get many of same money-related questions every day.  And, I've seen more dentists' tax returns that just about anyone.  


Wherever you are, I want to help you get to where you want to be. Hang on, sit tight, and let's get going!

- Bette Robin



Here’s where I’m going with this podcast and website:

1.  PODCASTS:  For the rest of 2021 and going into 2022, I'm going to talk to dentists with interesting life stories, philosophies, ways of practicing.  I'm hoping by listening to others who have overcome challenges and made their way to success, we can all learn.

2.  ANSWERING QUESTIONS:  I am going to answer your questions.  I get a lot of questions every day, many about sales gone awry, or lease questions, or whether a clause should or shouldn't be in a contract and what it means.  Of course, I’m not your attorney, a financial planner or anything else – but I'll give you my general opinion on the concepts you are asking about.

3.  HELP:  I am going to give you worksheets, online courses, and hopefully start a group to help everyone get where they want to go - and be in control, secure, and stable.  We cannot let things like this pandemic rock our boats! 


I am really glad you’re here!

I want to help you figure out the finances or your practice and your life.

Yes, dentistry is changing – and Dentistry is Rising!  I want you to find success and rise beyond your wildest dreams.  

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Let’s go – you are not alone!