Dentistry Rising

with Bette Robin DDS, JD, by Law DDS Inc., a California Law Corporation

What is this podcast and website about and why am I doing it?

I really want to help you succeed in your dental practice and your life.

I’ve been a dental attorney and dental practice sale broker in Southern California for over 20 years, and before that I owned three dental practices as a dentist.  I see many of the same problems and get many of same questions every day.  


Some of you make expensive mistakes you shouldn’t be making, some of you bob and weave in ways you could avoid on your path to success. Some of you are giving up, and others are soaring to the sky.  


Wherever you are, I want to help you get to where you want to be. Hang on, sit tight, and let's get going!

- Bette Robin



Here’s where I’m going with this podcast and website:

1.  PODCASTS:  I'm talking to several different type of guests and making my own 'Straight Talk' Series.

I'm talking to interesting, motivational, thought-leader kind of people in dentistry that I'm calling "The Masters", people that are really breaking the mold in new and interesting ways ("The Innovators"), people that have and are figuring out ("The Up and Comers"), and people that will give you very practical help ("The Helpers"). 


I am doing quite a few of these interviews with Dr. Carol Summerhays, past president of the ADA and the CDA who brings vast experience and expertise to the interviews.

2.  ANSWERING QUESTIONS:  I am going to answer your questions.  I get a lot of questions every day, undoubtedly because of my degrees and experience – and I’m going to discuss and answer them for everybody to learn.  Of course, I’m not your attorney – but I will give you my general opinion on the concepts you are asking about.

3.  HELP:  I am going to give you very practical and hopefully very helpful information about practice transitions and management issues that I hope you can immediately use. 


I am really glad you’re here!

I want to help you figure things out in your practice (and your life) so it becomes what you want and dreamed of.   I’ve done it myself, I’ve helped many other do it, and now I’m going to help you.

Yes, dentistry is changing – and Dentistry is Rising!  I want you to find success and rise beyond your wildest dreams.  

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Let’s go – you are not alone!