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David Orr

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For over a decade David Orr has been one of Southern California’s most successful dental practice management consultants. He and his team maintain an impressive client list of successful dental practices that have experienced unprecedented growth. After 15 years in the dental consulting business, David Orr founded a new and dynamic company, Perform DDS, formerly Alliance Consulting Group. The company is founded on David’s core belief that a successful consulting organization should be based on coaching principles rather than the traditional method of handing over a book of rules for the practice to implement on their own. David and his team work in the trenches, building relationships with your entire team and is viewed as another member of the staff by his clients. Because of this, he is able to create an atmosphere of accountability and increase the communication level of all the team members.


His unique brand of humor, candor, and encouragement all combine to make his meetings challenging, entertaining, highly productive and often fun! As a charismatic and informative speaker, David’s seminars are much sought after. Attendees gain new and invaluable insight into how to view their practices and motivate their team members. Performs’ clients and seminar participants learn new skills that enable them to realize a much-improved standard of care, a renewed sense of excitement toward their profession AND increased profitability. David is a southern California native, attended Mater Dei High School. He went on to play Division I Volleyball for The University of the Pacific where he graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree and a Master’s Degree.

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Phone Number: (949) 232-4788

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