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Eric Kim MD, DDS, FACS, Oral Surgeon


Dr. Eric Kim, DDS, MD, FACS is an oral surgeon in Irvine, California.  Dr. Kim graduated from USC dental school in 2004, obtained his MD at USC Keck School of Medicine in 2007, and his oral surgery certificate from USC in 2010. 


Dr. Kim has extensive experience in not only oral surgery, but head and neck surgery and craniofacial surgery.  His experience before private practice includes working for Kaiser Permanente, assistant clinical surgeon at UC Irvine, and clinical assistant professor at USC.


Dr. Kim is married with two children, and spend time each year volunteering as a physician and oral surgeon in Paraguay.

Contact Info: 


Address: 4980 Barranca Pkwy #190

Phone Number: (949) 298-4078

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